Celebrate Valentine’s Day – ROME ALONE is FREE to download on 14 February

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, ROME ALONE will be FREE for everyone to download!

Head off to the Eternal City with lovelorn Bee and Dr Neil McCarthy – who reluctantly take themselves off to Rome from opposite ends of the country for a long weekend, in an attempt to overcome marital heartache. How Rome will change their lives forever is something neither anticipates.

Adult content – scenes of shopping, vino rosso and amore.

5-star Amazon review – “funny, poignant, steamy, un-putdownable”.

Buon viaggio e Buon San Valentino!

(Note: The time the free download begins will depend on where you live)

Meanwhile, here’s why Rome is perfect for lovers (including lovers of shopping)


For those with hearts of gold
Roses thrown in fountain
Roses thrown into the Fontana della Barcaccia in Piazza di Spagna
Table and Chair
Via del Corso – a table for two. This one is for reading fortunes and finding out if your love is true.

Bride and Groom

After getting wed, couples in Italy traditionally stage a passaggio – in Rome, they pose for photos at sites like the Trevi Fountain. This lovely bride and her handsome groom are posing on the steps of the Capitoline Hill.

The Trevi Fountain – a place for lovers. Throw in a coin and make a wish and you will return to Rome one day.
Skyline Forum
The last traces of sunset disappear above the Forum and the Temple of Venus.
Rome Alone Graffiti
Italia – home of graffiti since Roman times
Tow roses nestling fountain
Happy Valentine’s Day

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