ROME AGAIN will be available in 2016!

Christmas is over and in 2016 it will be time to publish ROME AGAIN on Amazon Kindle – the sequel to ROME ALONE.

ROME AGAIN will see Bee and Dr Neil McCarthy both return to the Eternal City two years after the weekend break that changed their lives. How much their lives were changed remains to be seen…

Will Bee’s wish come true – and will Dr Neil McCarthy find love again after his wife Susan ran off with the Aussie childminder?

And exactly what has Bee’s errant husband Max been up to?

ROME AGAIN is currently being written!

Meanwhile, ROME ALONE can be downloaded free at Kindle Unlimited – or for just £1.99.

5-star Amazon review – “Funny, poignant, steamy, un-putdownable.”

Adult content and scenes of shopping, gelati and amore.

Buon viaggio!


Trevi 2 sized 2


The Trevi Fountain – throw in a coin and make a wish and you will return to Rome!


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