Missed the chance to download ROME ALONE for free?

ROME ALONE’s one-day free offer is now over – but you can still download ROME ALONE for free at Kindle Unlimited or for just £1.99.

Join unhappy wife and mother Bee and newly divorced Dr Neil McCarthy as they reluctantly set off for a weekend in Rome from opposite ends of the country. Bee is plagued by fears her marriage to City trader Max is crumbling – while Alzheimer’s expert Dr Neil McCarthy is still reeling from his divorce. As they make their way round the Eternal City, each of their lives takes an unexpected turn… and is changed forever.

“He had allowed himself to be seduced, let himself off the leash. Rome had done this to him. Its heat made you sweat, he argued, till droplets ran down your back and soaked your clothes until you had to unbutton them, rub your hands over them to squeeze out the moisture, shake yourself to be free of the steady wetness. The winds buffeted you – blew dust and sand into your face. You were forever wiping your brow, brushing grit from your chest and your thighs. Rome made you feel your own body, forced you to make contact with yourself. It made your feet hurt, your buttocks ache and your shoulders stiff. It pumped the blood round your veins and drained it again till you felt weak. It made you want to splash in fountains and kneel on stone floors to pray for mercy. It made you hungry and thirsty, so that you ate greedily and drank throatily, like an emperor. It made you look for lovers wherever you went, search the faces of strangers who brushed past you on the crowded streets.”



Buon viaggio!

ROME ALONE is at Goodreads.com

Rome Alone Kindle book cover
Rome Alone – Kindle Edition








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