This Weekend in Rome… Appia Day!

It’s the weekend – and this weekend in Rome, Appia Day is being celebrated on Sunday.

Appia Day is a celebration of the Appian Way – and a reclamation by the people, too, as the day is given over to walking, cycling and enjoying the Appian Way and its antiquities.

The Appian Way originally connected the Roman Forum to Brindisi and was used as a route for transporting goods into Rome. There is still a route from the Forum to the Appian Way called the Via Sacra, which starts at the Capitoline Hill and passes through the Forum to the Colosseum and past the Circus Maximus. The Via Sacra is the main street of ancient Rome and would have been used as a processional route.

The Forum
The Forum showing the Via Sacra (Image: Angela Meredith)

The Appian Way also has a bloody history – and was gorily immortalised by tales of the revolt led by the gladiator Spartacus, which ended with thousands of slaves being massacred in 73BC and their bodies left to line the famous road.

Appia Day is a more joyous occasion, however – read more about it at

The Forum

Featured image and Forum image courtesy of


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Buon viaggio!



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