No Halloween party invite? No worries: ROME ALONE is free to download all weekend from Friday!

All Halloweened out already – or can’t give a witch?

Not to worry – ROME ALONE is free to download at Amazon Kindle on Friday 28, Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October, so you can take off for Rome instead of crash landing your broomstick nearer home.

Join unhappily married Surrey housewife Bee and newly-divorced Scottish Alzheimer’s expert Dr Neil McCarthy, as they take time out and head off to Rome from opposite ends of the country for a weekend mini break.

Little do they suspect what Rome has in store for them…

Five star Amazon review – one of 100 winners of the Writers’ and Artists’ New Novel Centenary Award.

Later in 2016, the sequel ROME AGAIN will be published.

rome-again-digital_book_thumbnailDIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL (3)

Buon Viaggio!



Featured image: Black cat, Area Sacra di Largo Argentina, Rome. The Area Sacra is the site of one of the oldest temples in Rome and is the area where Julius Caesar was murdered.  The area was discovered and excavated between 1926 and 1930 – and is now a favourite spot for stray cats lazing in the sunshine.

Tusculum portrait Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar

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