Missed the Valentine’s Offer? You can still download ROME ALONE & ROME AGAIN free at Kindle Unlimited!

ROME ALONE and the sequel ROME AGAIN are still available to download free at Kindle Unlimited – or for £2.40 each.

The story is set around the Via Vittorio Veneto – heart of La Dolce Vita – and begins when two strangers suffering from marital discord each embark on a short break to Rome from opposite ends of the country.  Little do they suspect how Rome will change their lives forever – and will continue to weave its spell when they both return three years’ later, unaware of the forces at work as they are once again seduced by the Eternal City.  On returning home, they begin to realise that nothing in Rome is quite as it seems…

Adult content, scenes of a sexual nature, humour and themes which some people may find upsetting.






Where will ROME ALONE and ROME AGAIN take you?




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