Off to Rome and this time am looking forward to a long stroll to Trastevere to check out the 13th century mosaics in Santa Maria di Trastevere, followed by a meander along the River Tiber in the sunshine. I am also hoping to wander round the Borghese Gardens – handy for the via Sistina, where I shall be staying – and a trip to the Forum. Of course, there will be shopping along the via del Corso and the lovely winding streets leading to Piazza Navona. There will also be gelato and tea at Babington’s at the foot of the Spanish Steps – and a visit or two to the Trevi Fountain to throw in a coin and make a wish.  Usually when I plan things, I discover something along the way that throws my careful schedule out of the window – but that is the joy of visiting Rome.

Wish you were here?

Take off to Rome yourself by downloading ROME ALONE and ROME AGAIN free at Amazon Kindle – or for just £2.40 – and set off on a trip round the Eternal City with homemaker Bee and Alzheimer’s expert Dr Neil McCarthy, as they renegotiate life after marital discord. Neither could have planned for what throws them off course in the Eternal City – and when they both return three years’ later, the forces at work they did not suspect reveal themselves.

Sexual content, dark humour, and themes which some might find upsetting.

ROME ALONE was short-listed for the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook’s New Novel Centenary Award.

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Buon viaggio – and love from Rome!



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