ROME ALONE is two! Celebrate with a FREE download of ROME ALONE & ROME AGAIN 27/28 May!

ROME ALONE was first published on Amazon Kindle on 28 May 2015 – and to celebrate, you can download ROME ALONE and the sequel ROME AGAIN free at Kindle Unlimited on 27 and 28 May.

More than 1,000 pages of holiday reading to download for your summer vacation – or read now! Free!

Set off to the Eternal City with ROME ALONE for a weekend of surprises, as unhappy housewife Bee and newly-divorced Alzheimer’s expert Dr Neil McCarthy leave from opposite ends of the country for a mini-break full of the unexpected that will change their lives forever.

Return to Rome in ROME AGAIN three years later and discover the forces at work which they never suspected on their first trip, as Bee discovers exactly what her husband has been up to – and Dr McCarthy’s life changes in a way he never imagined.

ROME ALONE was short-listed for the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook’s New Novel Centenary Award.

Both books contain sexual content, adult themes and dark humour which some might find upsetting. Also scenes of shopping, gelati, vino rosso and amore!

Buon viaggio!







Let’s take a trip to Rome now…

Coming later this year!



When former professional cellist Moira divorces her philandering TV doctor husband at last, she decides to treat herself to a trip to the opera at Verona and fulfill a childhood ambition. As Moira struggles on her first solo holiday for nearly twenty years, meeting up with kindly American businessman Edmund and allowing him to take her under his generous wing seems like providence  – what could possibly go wrong?


All images copyright A. Meredith 2015-2017

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