July holiday reading – download ROME ALONE & ROME AGAIN free on 1-2 July!

July definitely means that holidays are here, so celebrate with some free holiday reading and download ROME ALONE and ROME AGAIN free at Kindle Unlimited on 1 & 2 July.

July is the perfect time to take a trip to the Eternal City – not only is Rome hot in every sense of the world, the month of July is named after its most famous ruler, Julius Caesar, who was also responsible for reforming the calendar and transforming it into 365 days and a Leap Year every four years.

Julius Caesar is one of the world’s most famous rulers – some might say dictator – who was assassinated when his bid for ultimate power verged on declaring himself a god.

Tusculum portrait Julius Caesar
Tusculum portrait of Julius Caesar

The month Quintilis was renamed July after Julius Caesar’s death, as he was born in the month – Quintilis means “fifth” in Latin and was originally the fifth month in the Roman calendar.

The Colosseum – the perfect day out if you are a Roman emperor celebrating your birthday

Want to go to Rome now? Download ROME ALONE and ROME AGAIN free at Amazon Kindle Unlimited FREE on 1 & 2 July – and set off to the Eternal City for a a weekend of surprises, as unhappy housewife Bee and newly-divorced Alzheimer’s expert Dr Neil McCarthy leave from opposite ends of the country for a mini-break full of the unexpected that will change their lives forever. Return to Rome with them three years later and discover the forces at work which they never suspected on their first trip.

ROME ALONE was short-listed for the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook’s New Novel Centenary Award.

Both books contain sexual content, adult themes and dark humour which some might find upsetting. Also scenes of shopping, gelati, vino rosso, amore and Rome.







Buon viaggio!



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