VERONA ALONE – third book in the ROME ALONE series

The third book in the ROME ALONE series – VERONA ALONE – was published in December and is now available to download FREE on Kindle Unlimited or for just £2.60.

The story shifts from Rome to the beautiful and ancient city of Verona, where newly divorced Moira fulfils a girlhood dream by visiting the summer opera season at Arena di Verona.

There she finds herself taken under the wing of a generous American who appears to have a secret. It is not until Moira finds herself all at sea with him that the secret he is keeping can be revealed.

Contains adult themes which some may find upsetting, as well as sexual content.


See Verona now!


Read VERONA ALONE first – or catch up with the story and download ROME ALONE and ROME AGAIN.


See Rome now!


The sequel to VERONA ALONEVERONA AGAIN – will be published on Amazon Kindle in 2018.

Buon viaggio!



All images copyright A. Meredith

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