New for Valentine’s Day – VERONA AGAIN is here!



Buon San Valentino!

VERONA AGAIN is new to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

VERONA AGAIN is the fourth book in the ROME ALONE series – the story shifts between London, Glasgow, Rome, Verona, Venice and New York, as three couples battle to save their relationships.

In deepest Surrey, housewife Bee is adjusting to life with her new partner Alessandro, as the couple face family disapproval and the struggle to conceive. When Bee receives a letter from her jailed ex-husband’s solicitor, little does she realise what will be involved.

In Scotland, art historian Dr Augusta Williamson is also adjusting to life with her much older partner, Alzheimer’s researcher Dr Neil McCarthy. But something is playing on her mind – and her dislike of her partner’s former sister-in-law Moira is growing daily.

Meanwhile former professional cellist Moira is trying to forget the man she met on a trip to Verona the previous summer on her first post-divorce holiday – and is failing miserably, as she attempts to give her marriage to TV medic Dr Noel McCarthy another go.

In New York, Agent Edward Fenshall and his partner in crime Agent Karl O’Rourke ponder the secrets of a haunted forest in Romania, as they try to solve the mystery of where capo di tutti capi Diego Lazlo Dagobert might be hiding out.

As the hunt for Dagobert escalates, events impact on all three couples trying to save their relationships – who will win, who will fail and who will lose the love of their life?

The famous balcony at Juliet’s house in Verona

You can download VERONA AGAIN on Valentine’s Day free on Kindle Unlimited or for £2.40 – along with its prequel VERONA ALONE.

Want to go to Verona ?

Catch up with the story in VERONA ALONE, when the action shifts to the ancient city of Verona, when former cellist Moira marks her divorce  by fulfilling a girlhood dream of visiting the city during the annual opera season. There she is taken under the wing of a generous and quirky American, who appears to have a secret.


Download VERONA AGAIN – Free for Valentine’s Day!

Read the Rome books first – or start in Verona and catch up with what happened in Rome afterwards!

ROME ALONE and ROME AGAIN are FREE to download on Valentine’s Day!

The two final books in the series – ROME AT LAST and VERONA AT LAST will be published later in 2018 and in 2019.

Buon viaggio – and Buon San Valentino!



The romantic Trevi Fountain in Rome

Want to go to Rome now?

Download ROME ALONE and ROME AGAIN free at Kindle Unlimited or for £2.40 each – and set off to the Eternal City for a weekend of surprises, as unhappy housewife Bee and newly-divorced Alzheimer’s expert Dr Neil McCarthy leave from opposite ends of the country for a mini-break full of the unexpected that will change their lives forever. Return to Rome with them three years later and discover the forces at work which they never suspected on their first trip.

ROME ALONE was short-listed for the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook’s New Novel Centenary Award.

Both books contain sexual content, adult themes and dark humour which some might find upsetting. Also scenes of shopping, gelati, vino rosso, amore and Rome.








Main image: Romeo’s door, Verona

All images copyright A. Meredith


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