On the march in Rome


Am busy conquering Rome and have sore feet to prove it. Today was an early start with a quick trip to the Trevi fountain, which is cleaned at 9am every morning. Stopped to pat a horse waiting patiently for a fare from a tourist, then off to the Forum, followed by the Baths of Caracalla and then the Colosseum. Rome is warm during the day, but cold at night. The aftermath of the recent election is still in process and there is a strong police presence, but everyone is very good natured. The prices in the shops are also good, making it an great choice if you are thinking of a short break – it is not too crowded at this time of year and you can get close to the sites without the trauma of lots of tourists around.DSC_0292

Inside Babington Tea Rooms – first stop as it was pouring with rain when I arrived.

Today at the Forum I visited the remains of the temple Augustus built to commemorate Julius Caesar following his assassination – he is my ancestor, a many times great grandfather, but it was actually surprisingly moving being there in the small monument alone, which I did not expect. I had to visit it again before I left – I guess family is family however long ago they lived and I was happy to be there to pay my respects and have a moment there by myself. Tomorrow, however, shopping – and maybe a machiatto at Caffè Greco on via Condotti – beloved of poets like Byron and Shelley. Am hoping for inspiration, as well as cake!

Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain

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