Temple of Venus, Roman Forum

In our last wander round the Forum, we discovered the Altar of the Roman God of Fire, Vulcan – who, despite his failings in the looks department, managed to bag Venus, goddess of love and beauty, as his wife.

At the other end of the Forum, near the Colosseum, is the Roman Temple of Venus, commissioned by the Emperor Hadrian in 2AD.

Hadrian knew a thing or two about love – he was married to Sabina, but had a longstanding lover – a beauteous young man called Antinous, who tragically drowned in the River Nile on a sortie with Hadrian, leaving the emperor desolate.

The Temple of Venus recently underwent a 26-year renovation, which was completed in 2010.

Temple of Venus, Roman Forum
Temple of Venus (Image A. Meredith 2018)

The nave of the temple was originally flanked by 50-foot white marble columns, although these are now somewhat diminished – and at the end of the nave was a vaulted ceiling, which can be seen in the main image. The temple originally housed a statue to Venus and another dedicated to the goddess of the city of Rome – Roma.

There is also an ornate floor – the temple is now open to the elements, but the scale of it would have made it one of the most impressive structures in the Forum.


The Temple of Venus is also on a hill and you will have a wonderful view of the Colosseum from there – making the huge amphitheatre appear almost on the same level. Great for photo opportunities and selfies!

The Colosseum  (Image A.Meredith 2018)


You can use Google maps to find your way around the Forum.

Site of the Temple of Venus in the Forum courtesy of Google


Forum with Temple of Venus marked
Forum looking towards the Colosseum (Image A. Meredith 2017
Main image: Temple of Venus, Roman Forum, image by Anthony Majanlahti
 Lock up your husbands – bust of Antinous, National Archeological Museum, Athens (Image Ricardo André Frantz)

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