Go England!

In England we are wishing The Three Lions luck in their World Cup match tonight – but you can even find The Three Lions in the side streets of Venice!

The lion is the symbol of Venice and of St Mark – there are four winged creatures seated at the throne of God representing each of the four evangelists: an angel, a lion, an ox and an eagle.

The lion of St Mark is sometimes depicted with a halo above its head, or one paw resting on the Bible, or with a sword in its paw. The lion symbol of St Mark and Venice also has wings.

The lion is also a common symbol in other cultures and is the symbol of Iran.

As a symbol, the lion signifies courage, strength and leadership.

Tonight in England we are rooting for our Three Lions! Go England!

The Lion of St Mark towers above Piazza San Marco


In the quiet back ways of Venice you will often find hidden gems and eateries


Featured image: The Three Lions Antica Osteria in Calle Sacrestia, Venice – where you can find gluten-free options on the menu.

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