BBC iPlayer – Rome: A History of the Eternal City

If you can’t get enough of Rome and its history, join author and historian Simon Sebag Monetfiore on BBC iPlayer for his series Rome: A History of the Eternal City.

The series charts Rome’s development from a series of villages to a powerful Holy City – and how the Romans came to see their city and its power as god given.

St Peter's
St Peter’s Basilica

Sebag Montefiore puts his own virtus to the test with a trip down Rome’s sewers and the Catacomb of Priscilla – and discovers how to tell whether the war gods are happy using a fresh sheep’s liver.

Farmers will be interested to hear about the many duties farmers in Ancient Rome had to carry out, including regular sacrifices to the gods. October’s sacrifice is a whole horse to give thanks for the harvest.

Piazza Navona Fountain sized crop
Piazza Navona, featuring October’s sacrifice to the gods for the Roman harvest

And if you have ever placed your hand into a famous sculpture for a photo opportunity in Rome, you will be interested to hear its true purpose.

Bocca_della_Verità - Rom,_Bocca_della_Verità
Bocca della Verità – the mouth of truth. Its ancient purpose might surprise you. 

Rome: A History of the Eternal City is available on BBC iPlayer.

Buon viaggio!




Images copyright A. Meredith

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