ROME ALONE series: When City trader Max buys a painting by copyist Harry Jack at a charity auction, the search for Romanian capo dei capi Lazlo Dagobert is on again…

The ROME ALONE series of novels begins with a trip to Rome by unhappy housewife Belinda Rightson, who fears her marriage to City trader Max Rightson is on the rocks.

From the other end of the country, Alzheimer’s researcher Dr Neil McCarthy also sets off to the Eternal City in an attempt to get over his divorce.




When Belinda’s husband Max buys a painting at a City charity auction, FBI Special Agent Edward Fenshall and his partner Agent Karl O’Rourke begin sifting through Belinda’s connections to Dagobert and the time her mother Prim spent in gang-run Magliana in Italy before Belinda was born. Could Belinda’s father really be a small-time drug dealer who died – or is he an undercover police officer, or someone far more sinister?

ROME ALONE and ROME AGAIN set in motion a series of events and coincidences that lead to the re-appearance of shadowy Romanian crime boss Diego Lazlo Dagobert, a drug trafficking, arms dealing, capo di capi whose whereabouts and appearance are unknown – and whose operation may extend to every corner of the criminal world.





In VERONA ALONE, Dr McCarthy’s former sister-in-law and professional cellist Moira decides to fulfil a girlhood ambition to visit Verona during the summer opera season – but without warning finds herself in the presence of evil on board a yacht, when the truth about her host begins to emerge.


VERONA AGAIN sees Edward Fenshall re-join the hunt for Dagobert as the action switches to Venice and he suspects he has been betrayed by those closest to him.

The final two books ROME AT LAST and VERONA AT LAST will be published in 2019 and unravel the mystery of Dagobert going back to the Second World War, after Bucharest FBI agent Sorin Zabel joins the hunt and Henry John Wilson – better known as convicted art fraudster Harry Jack – finally reveals who painted the picture bought by Max Rightson and the connections it might have to Stock Market crashes.



Meanwhile Edward Fenshall finds his personal life targeted by unforeseen forces – and Neil McCarthy discovers his own nemesis is connected to a criminal investigation into pharmaceutical mis-selling that he may hold the key to.




ROME ALONE was one of 100 winners of the Artists’ and Writers’ Yearbook’s New Novel Centenary Award.

The ROME ALONE series contains humour, sexual content and adult themes which some may find upsetting.

The series is available to download free at Kindle Unlimited – or for £2.40 each.

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About the author

Angela Meredith is a freelance journalist and content writer specialising in healthcare and legal content. She is a former winner of the Verity Bargate Award for new playwrights and a BBC-commissioned screenwriter.


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