Felice Anno Nuovo – Happy New Year!

It’s New Year again – and a new decade! Time to take stock and make plans and resolutions. This year I shall be visiting Milan – and La Scala! – as well as making my usual trips to Rome and Verona and possibly Venice, Bologna or Padua.  When I stay in Verona I like to travel to nearby cities and Verona is well placed to do this – Venice and many other cities are just a couple of hours away.

Columns of Basilica of San Lorenzo, Milan (Image Loïc Graniczny)

Milan used to be the capital of the Western Roman Empire and was known as Mediolanum. The city was established in around 600BC, but was captured by the Romans in 222BC. It is now an important centre for culture and design – and fashion! I shall be visiting the Duomo, of course – and Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper at the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Milan was a whistlestop visit for one of my characters in my novel VERONA AGAIN – and it is an inspiring city for lots of reasons.

Duomo, Milan (Image Dimitris Vetsikas)

Milan is fairly compact but taxis are expensive, so you need to do some legwork or use the subway or bus system. There is also a tram system with some beautiful old trams around eighty years’ old serving the city. I love walking as it is the best way of getting to know a city – I might just splash out on a cab to La Scala, however, to save my dress and my heels!

Milan also has a canal ring, like Amsterdam, called the Naviglio Grande, which was used as the main form of transport at one time.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan (Image Dimitris Vetsikas)

I wish you all a Happy New Year, wherever you are – and thank you for visiting my blog and supporting my writing.


2020 should also be another big year, not only for travelling – the last two novels in the ROME ALONE series are nearing completion and will be published on Amazon Kindle this year.

It will not be the end of writing about Italy, though – and I say that they are the last two novels in the series, but I love Italy and I love my characters. It is the perfect way to travel and be creative. If you are a writer or have always wanted to write, make 2020 the year to fulfil your dreams and ambitions. if you are not a writer, fulfil your own dreams and ambitions, whatever they may be.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year – Buon Anno e buon viaggio!


Want to visit Italy now?



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Trevi Fountain, Rome

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In VERONA ALONE, newly divorced former cellist Moira decides to fulfil a girlhood dream of visiting Verona during the summer opera season. There she is taken under the wing of a quirky and generous American who appears to have a secret, which is only discovered when she finds herself all at sea with him. VERONA AGAIN sees three couples fight to save their relations – who will succeed, who will fail and who will lose the love of their life?




All books contain adult themes, dark humour and sexual content.


New in 2020 – ROME AT LAST and VERONA AT LAST 


The final two novels in the ROME ALONE series. Maybe.




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