Has the tomb of Romulus been found?

Much excitement in the Forum in Rome, with the excavation of a sarcophagus and altar dating to 6BC, which some say may be the final resting place of the founder of Rome, Romulus.

Romulus inadvertently killed his twin brother Remus during a battle for the city of Rome – some might say deliberately, as he then became the first King of Rome.

The sarcophagus and altar were revealed by the archeologists who revealed them on Friday (21/02/2020) – making it was one the most exciting finds in recent years.

The Forum is frequently revealing news wonders, especially during the excavations relating to the new Metro line at the Forum and the Basilica of San Giovanni, which has been ongoing for ten years.

Ongoing excavations in the Forum, Rome, include a beautiful mosaic floor


However, the thought that the tomb of Romulus might have been found is causing much debate, with some archeologists deciding it is not the tomb of Rome’s first king – and others still speculating that it might be.

Director of Rome’s Colosseum Archaeological Park, Alfonsina Russo, said

“This is not the tomb of Romulus, but is a place of memory where the cult of Romulus was celebrated – a cenotaph.”

However, archaeologist Patrizia Fortini said the idea that the tomb may be linked to Romulus was “a suggestion based on ancient sources” – although she also urged caution.

Speaking to AFP news agency she added that some stories “speak of the presence of the tomb of Romulus in this area of the Roman Forum”.

The myth of Romulus and Remus – the twins abandoned at birth and found and suckled by a she-wolf before going on the found Rome as a city – may be just that.

But myths are frequently based on an element of truth and the prospect of Romulus’ tomb being discovered is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to prove the truth of the myth.

You can read more about the discovery of the tomb at BBC News.

Read more about Romulus online.

Capitoline Hill, Romulus and Remus








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