Honour our health staff everywhere – and all those looking after us during this crisis

Health workers everywhere are being honoured all over the world today – and every day, for putting their own lives on the line to save those stricken with COVID-19.

Let’s also remember the others who have volunteered, who are carrying on working to keep daily life and the economy going, the police  and our armed forces who are also keeping us safe and getting us all through the global crisis.

We don’t often say thank you to each other and take so much for granted, but even politicians are working hard to make sure we get through this.

We should never take for granted what we have – or those who step up when it matters.

Thank you to everyone who is helping all over the world. Keep them safe and stay indoors if you can.

Duomo, Milan (Image A. Meredith 2020)

Featured image: Pixabay




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