10 things to drool over in Rome

Italy is beginning to ease its lockdown so now is the time to remind ourselves of all the wonderful things Rome has to offer, in preparation for when we can all visit!


Even if you are not an art aficionado, Rome has some of the most impressive and well known sculptures in the world, from the Vatican’s Pieta by Michelangelo –  and you may well suffer serious injury in the crush to photograph it – to the haul in the Borghese Galleries and Capitoline Museums, including the famous body parts of the enormous Constantine statue.


Leda and the Swan, after Leonardo da Vinci, Borghese Gallery
Elvis Santana Michelangelo Pieta
Michelangelo’s Pieta, St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Rome


You don’t have to be a fan of Roman history to marvel at the architecture in Rome – it is a very interactive city, meaning you can clamber all over the sights and peer down across the landscape beyond. Find the right place for a photo opportunity and you will discover the impressive architecture takes on a whole new perspective – such as an image of the Colosseum taken fro the Temple of Venus in the Forum. It will appear as though you are on the same level as the Colosseum. Mind blowing.

Colosseum viewed from Temple of Venus, Forum
Get this close from the Temple of Venus in the Forum


Rome is just stuffed with artworks – more than you can shake a paintbrush at. A visit to the Vatican art galleries, the Borghese Gallery, the Capitoline Gallery and even churches and cathedrals will offer enough fine art to keep you happy. One of the most notorious artists ever to have lived in Rome is Caravaggio – the original bad boy who used the corpses of deceased prostitutes as models, as well as a few live ones, plus he accidentally murdered a rival and had to flee the city. His works are scattered across the various galleries and churches, but the Borghese Gallery and Capitoline Gallery both have examples of his work.

Rome is home to paintings by one of its favourite adopted sons, Caravaggio – badder than the baddest bad boy you could ever wish to know. This is a self-portrait of the artist as Sick Bacchus, Borghese Gallery


Santa Maria in Trastevere

Sitting and watching life go by

There is so much to do and see in Rome, but it is important to make time to sit and just watch life go by – for example, on Sundays you will see cyclists making their way up Via Vittorio Veneto, with families all cycling together and little ones tucked up in the cycle baskets of their grandparents. Or head to the al fresco Biblio cafe by Castel Sant’ Angelo – one of my favourites – and take in everything from birds and buskers to the law courts and mounted police, as well as the stunning Vatican City shimmering in the distance. Now that’s a coffee break.

Time for a latte
Coffee drinking and people watching at Caffe Aroma, Via Vittorio Veneto


Image Alfredo Estevez
Trastevere at night

Rome by night

When the sun goes down, the sites in Rome light up and walking around at night is a magical experience, even in winter when it gets chilly.  The Colosseum is aglow, the Forum awash with light, the Trevi Fountain is luminescent and Trajan’s market burns brightly. You can take a night tour of the city – try Viator for details or simply walk round and enjoy.


Temple of Venus
Temple of Venus, Forum.
Colosseum dusk sized
Colosseum at dusk


We all know about gelato but Rome is full of lovely places to enjoy patisserie, including Babingtons Tea Room, Caffe Greco and lots of independent coffee shops offering delicious cakes. For gluten-free and egg-free cakes, try Angelina on the corner of Via Poli and Via del Bufalo. In the shopping arcade in Piazza Repubblica, there is a wonderful chocolatier and patisserie, where you can take home a box of goodies as well as enjoy a cake and coffee break.


Interior shelves sized
Babingtons Tea Room – the main salon with lots of goodies to buy as souvenirs, plus the most delicious cakes served in huge portions.


Rome is full of car spotting opportunities. On the back of this carrier is a 1962 black Ferrari – one of two given to the Rome Police Department by the company. You need to keep your eyes open, as a classic car could appear at any moment, as the one did. Piazza Barberini is often a good place to spot lovely classic cars heading for Via Vittorio Venet


Italian style

Italian style – indefinable, but you know it when you see it. Expect stylish guys and girls, glamorous older women – and cool priests.  Yes, really.

Even priests are cool in Rome
Dog St Peter's

Italian Design

Italian design is famous the world over – cars, buildings, art, brand names: Italy has been putting its stamp on the world since the Romans donned a toga and set off to seek their empire. If you cannot afford designer, the shops are so accessible in Rome, you can swan in, take a look and swan out quite happily. Otherwise, start at Piazza di Spagna and roam around with your nose pressed against the windows. It’s all here waiting for you.

Fun fur at Fendi’s flagship store
Homewares for Easter
Valentino red shoes sized
Valentino – witty, sexy, devilishly desirable. Mother Superior warned there would be days like this.


Whether you enjoy fine dining or fast food, Rome flings opens its doors to your tastebuds  – there are, of course, some bad restaurants and there are definitely tourist traps, but you can find culinary gems all over the city.  You can also take home comestibles as souvenirs from the various delicatessens and also the market at Campo de’ Fiori. The one thing you can be sure about in Rome is that you will never go hungry even if, like me, you are not a dedicated foodie. Be wary of dining at touristy restaurants after 9 o’clock at night, as there may be an additional service charge of up to 20%. You will also find that freshly squeezed orange juice can cost as much as a cocktail. Rome still experiences social embarrassment at single women dining alone – just ignore it and tuck in. There are some nice restaurants at the top of the Spanish Steps which are not too pricey – and some great trattoria down Via Sistina, where the food is good and affordable and everyone from families to beardy hipsters are welcome. Largo Argentina has a great steak restaurant on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II – and you will find fish and chip shops, Chinese restaurants and international cuisine round every corner. If you are really on a tight budget, Co-op supermarkets sell pizza slices, sandwiches and panini – as do pizzerias, delis and the food wagons all over the city. And yes, there are branches of McDonalds. Buon appetito!

Tiny homemade pasta in enormous bowl at Trattoria Angelina’s garden-themed eatery. It was very good. Desserts like tiramisu are served in vintage cold cream jars.
Breakfast and Cocktails
Proper breakfast AND cocktails on the same menu – died and gone to heaven, only to wake up hungover.
Breakfast sized
Babingtons brunch and a pot of Royal tea.  Fit for a queen. And me.
Featured image; Gold mosaics of Santa Maria Basilica, Trastevere – some of the most fabulous mosaics you will ever see.



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