Visit Rome: London’s British Museum in lockdown

If you are in lockdown and running out of things to keep you occupied, you can still visit London’s British Museum online, with a series of blogs and interactive tours round the Museum.

Get started with a trip to Rome.

The blogs are written clearly with images that will fascinate children just getting started on their journey through history – and explain the significance of the main sites of each ancient City.


The Art Pacis – Temple to Peace, Museum of Rome 

They are written as if you are visiting the city at the time the blog is set – Rome in 1AD is explained like a tourist guide, offering information about what to see and where to go. You can plan to travel to  a different ancient city every day!


What did the Romans eat? (Image Pixabay)

If you are taking children with you on your trip, be aware some of the images of frescoes and bas reliefs contain nudity, which might spark a different conversation altogether.

It is a great way to introduce children to history – and you can also look round the museum online, including the Egyptian and Roman rooms. I have been looking at all my favourite exhibits from the comfort of my sofa during lockdown. Just add pizza and march on your stomach like a true Roman!

Buon viaggio!




Il Foro della Pace, Rome (Forum of Peace)



Images copyright A. Meredith except where stated

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