Excitement from your sofa – Virtual tours of Rome!

We are getting back into the swing of travel – but you can still visit Rome online and explore the city, courtesy of www.romeing.it.

You book your trip like any other excursion from the comfort of your sofa – including a Custom Tour of Rome for 17.50 euros, in which you can pick the sights you want to see.

Just some of the options are Ostia Antica Archeological Park, the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and Roman Forum, or the many piazzas of Rome. Visit the Trevi Fountain and throw in a virtual coin to make a wish that you will return to the Eternal City soon!

Street Art Tours of Rome – by Vespa

Romeing.it also has some real-life tours of Rome for when you actually get to visit in person – for 130 euros you can enjoy a Street Art Vespa Tour of Rome and see some of the best street art going.

Vespa, Verona
Your chariot awaits…

Remember, it was the Italians who invented graffiti as we know it – and we all want to coast round Rome on a Vespa, so it is the perfect three hours of fun while in the Eternal City!


Cycle Tour of Rome 

Cyclists will love the Rome Bike City Centre Tour for 55 euros – four hours of peddling over Roman cobbles and through Rome’s wonderful history, taking in the main attractions the city has to offer.

Piazza del Popolo, Rome

The level is easy, so perfect for everyone, but watch out for traffic – drivers in Rome do not stop for anyone except nuns and priests. True!

(If you want to cross a busy road as a pedestrian, always look for a member of the clergy and follow on behind. They move fast, though, so try to keep up!)

Priests in Rome
Area Sacra, Rome

Gelato Home Delivery in Rome 

Romeing.it also offers an extra special treat while you are in Rome – and personally I am so excited about this I can hardly wait to go: for £25 euros, you can enjoy Gelato Home Delivery with a 1kg tub of the finest Italian ice cream delivered to your door whenever you need it.


Lots of flavours to choose from – my favourites are pistachio and mango combined. I also like Poire William sorbet, but there is only one place I have found in Italy which sells it, so you will have to read my entire blog to find out (or see answer at the bottom of the page!).

I’m just not sure 1kg of gelato is going to be enough…

For lots more information about Rome, follow my blog, Novel Rome Alone!

Buon viaggio e buon appetito!

Nereid Fountain, Piazza della Repubblica, Rome
Piazza della Repubblica


Want to go to Rome now?

Join unhappy housewife Bee and newly-divorced Alzheimer’s specialist Dr Neil McCarthy as they embark on separate weekend breaks to the Eternal City to try and put marital woes behind them. What happens in Rome will change their lives forever.

Pantheon, Rome
Pantheon at night (image Pixabay)

Download the ROME ALONE series






The story continues in VERONA ALONE and VERONA AGAIN, when newly divorced professional cellist Moira sets off to Verona for her first post-divorce solo holiday. There she meets a quirky American who takes her under his wing, but he is not all he seems – and Moira suddenly finds herself all at sea and in deep water.




The series is available to download free at Kindle Unlimited or for £2.40 each.

Note all the novels have sexual content and adult themes.

Author at work in the Forum, Rome
Author at work in the Forum, Rome

All images copyright A. Meredith except where stated

Feature image Pixabay

Where in Italy can you enjoy Poire William gelato?

Gelato from Gelateria Ponte Pietra, Verona
Pistachio and Mango gelato, Gelateria Ponte Pietra, Verona











Answer: Gelateria Ponte Pietra, Verona!


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