Roman roundhouse excavated at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland

There is some good news, after all – archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a Roman roundhouse at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland.

The coastal site of the castle previously revealed a medieval post-hole building – and thanks to the work of Project Director Graeme Young and colleagues from the Bamburgh Research Project, the initial excavation has revealed a large building between ten and 20 metres in diameter.

The latest find at Bamburgh Castle will be digitally mapped and analysed.

Image of Roman Roundhouse courtesy of the Bamburgh Research Project

“We can only guess at the date at the moment, but from its place in the stratigraphy it is more likely to be Romano-British than Iron Age,” said Young.

“We are not excavating this week but hope to be back to do a little more work soon. This little breather should give us a chance to catch up on a little post-excavation work and do a more detailed blog over the next few days.”

Watch a video of the Roman roundhouse unearthed at Bamburgh Castle.

Follow the Bamburgh Research Project and news about the Roman roundhouse. 

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