Celebrate ROME ALONE’s seventh birthday on 25 May with a FREE download

Even books have birthdays and on 25 May it will be seven years since the first book in the ROME ALONE series was published. Celebrate by downloading ROME ALONE free and get up to speed with your summer reading!

The first book was written as a holiday novel and intended to last an entire two weeks on a sun lounger! There is nothing more frustrating that finishing your holiday reading before your holiday, so three more books have been published – and two more are nearing completion. Even if you are on a long-haul cruise or hacking your way through a jungle in search of civilisation, you will not be short of reading matter!


In ROME ALONE, unhappy housewife Bee sets off for a long weekend in Rome, fearing that her marriage to City trader Max is over.

From the other end of the country, newly-divorced Alzheimer’s expert Dr Neil McCarthy sets off for Rome to try and get over his ex-wife Susan running off with Ned, their young, handsome Aussie childminder.

Who wants a glass of wine in a sunny Rome piazza?

While Bee and Dr McCarthy navigate the Eternal City, crossing paths unexpectedly, other forces are at work, as Bee finds herself becoming unnerved by the presence of the desk clerk at her hotel – and Dr McCarthy finds himself the surprise target of attention from an unexpected quarter

Bee finds herself plagued by mysterious phone calls as she sits in solitary splendour at her boutique hotel on Via Vittorio Veneto. Dr McCarthy has thriftily booked Maria’s one-star Pensione for his stay, up near the characterful Termini district. Still in recovery from his wife’s deceit, he is tormented by the radio next in the room next door and his fellow guests.

But how their holidays in Rome turn out will change their lives forever…

The Colosseum

Three years later, in ROME AGAIN, they return – Bee on a mission to find a man she suspects is not what he seems; while Dr McCarthy attends a scientific conference and meets his nemesis – a man who will make inroads into his life in ways he never expected. The Eternal City opens up before them once more and the hidden forces at work on their first visit suddenly begin to reveal themselves.

Romance and the Trevi Fountain – what more do you need on holiday?


In the sequel, VERONA ALONE, Dr McCarthy’s former sister-in-law, ex-professional cellist Moira, celebrates her divorce in Verona, after a dismal attempt at online dating.

In the city of love, Moira meets a gallant American tourist, who takes her under his wing.  However,  her new friend proves unreliable and appears to have a secret. When he suggests that Moira accompany him to Venice on his yacht, the truth about him begins to unravel, with terrifying results.

If music be the food of love, find both in VERONA ALONE and VERONA AGAIN

VERONA AGAIN sees FBI Special Agent Edward Fenshall and his colleague Karl O’Rourke relaunch the hunt for Romanian capo dei capi Diego Lazlo Dagobert, whose yacht is heading for Venice. Dagobert’s real identity is unknown and he frequently disappears off the radar, but it seems they now have a chance to apprehend him and link him to the opioid scandal gripping the world.

Seeking the truth with VERONA ALONE and VERONA AGAIN

What happens in Venice, does not stay in Venice, however, and the operation has unforeseen consequences for both Edward Fenshall – and Dr Neil McCarthy, as secrets in his family begin to unravel and he finds himself more involved with global events than he anticipated.

There are consequences for Moira, too, as she  finds she has to return to Verona in search of the past and a ghost that haunts her, which she must find and lay to rest before she can move forward.

Summer holiday reading here we come!

DOWNLOAD THE ROME ALONE SERIES – Remember the first novel ROME ALONE is FREE on 25 May!


The ROME ALONE series contains humour, sexual content and adult themes which some may find upsetting.





Coming next – ROME AT LAST & VERONA AT LAST – the final two books in the series. 


Buon viaggio!

Follow your heart in Rome with ROME ALONE

Colosseum images copyright A. Meredith

All other images Pixabay

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