It’s the weekend – time for some Dolce Vita!

Enjoy some dolce vita this weekend and download ROME ALONE free at Kindle Unlimited.

You can read the first few chapters online at Amazon before downloading – join Bee and Alzheimer’s expert Dr Neil McCarthy as they reluctantly set off for Rome from opposite ends of the country on a weekend mini break neither really wants to take.

But events that unfold in the Eternal City will change their lives forever…

Adult content – 5-star Amazon review.

Shortlisted for the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook’s Centenary New Novel Award.

Buon viaggio!

No guidebook tells you just how steep the Via Vittorio Veneto ā€“ centre of la Dolce Vita ā€“ is in the midday sun, when you are dressed in a cheap coat with no make-up and a hairdo that looks as though it has just rolled off the guillotine. But this is the sort of information people need when they are clothed in despair and just want to run and hide away from every other human being in every strange city in the world.



ROME ALONE is also at


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