Free UK Event, 27 February: Cheshire Hoards, Museum of Liverpool

On Saturday, 27 February from 10am-5pm at the Museum of Liverpool, world experts on the Cheshire Hoards of Roman artefacts will examine their historical context in the Romano-British northwest.

The day is a free drop in event, so no booking is needed – and is suitable for adults and older children with a passion for Roman history.

The schedule is packed with experts from the British Museum, English Heritage and leading academics. Talks will include:

  • ‘The Malpas Hoard and the flight of Caratacus’ – Sam Moorhead, National Finds Adviser for Iron Age and Roman Coins, PAS, British Museum
  • ‘A Cheshire Treasure: The Knutsford Hoard’ – Vanessa Oakden, Finds Liaison Officer Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside
  • ‘The Brindle hoard of late Roman nummi at the Harris Museum, Preston’ – Matt Ball, Numismatic Consultant for Museum Development North West
  • ‘Rings and jewels in Roman hoards: the Knutsford finger rings in context’ – Ian Marshman, Education and Outreach Officer, Heritage Lincolnshire
  • ‘The Wirral Brooch; a regional, rural Roman brooch’ – Frances McIntosh, Curator of Roman Collections, English Heritage
  • ‘Contextualising the Malpas and Knutsford Hoards: evidence from excavated Roman rural sites’ – Tom Brindle, Research Fellow, University of Reading
  • ‘Irby, Court Farm and Burton: excavations on three Roman rural settlements’ – Mark Adams, Archaeological services manager, Museum of Liverpool.

For more information about the programme, see the Museum of Liverpool website.



Featured image: Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome – where the Roman treasury was based in the 15th and 16th centuries.




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