Italian fashion trends see red this autumn/fall

The autumn/fall trends have hit shops in Italy already – and there is real chance they will make you see red.

Red fur is top of the list of must haves – followed by teal fur and beige fur. We are talking fun fur – and lots of it.

Red, teal and beige with tan leather accessories currently predominate in shop windows – and there is a real hint of the 1970s, with midi skirts and waistcoats – fun fur first made its fashion mark in the late 1960s/1970s, but the look is all about chic this season.

And in case you are still thinking of sandals, we take a look into Dolce & Gabbana’s window for something molto elegante

So if you can’t get away for some window shopping just now, consider it done for you and enjoy!


Benetton sized
Benetton adds a colour pop with red
Falconeri sized
Falconeri – elegant neutrals in wool for coats, jackets and shawls
Luisa Spagnoli Teal fur sized
Teal fur – beautiful and sophisticated 
Marina Rinaldi beige fur sized
Marina Rinaldi – love the jacket, love the window display, too!
Marina Rinaldi 2 sized
Marina Rinaldi – more neutrals in wool and fur for an elegant autumn/fall
Pellicce window sized
Pellicce – beautiful furs that are on trend 
Stefanel sized
Stefanel – love this long line waistcoat
Gucci window sized
What’s in Gucci’s window?
Gucci bag sized
This is… coveting it right now
D&G sandals sized
D&G sandals…lovely.
Pollini face sandals sized
Pollini sandals…happy holidays!


All images shot in Verona’s Via Mazzini – perfect for a short break and some serious shopping!


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Images copyright Angela Meredith 2016.


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