ROME AGAIN is now available on Kindle!

ROME AGAIN is now available to download FREE at Kindle Unlimited – or for just £2.40!

The sequel to ROME ALONE, housewife Bee and Alzheimer’s expert Dr Neil McCarthy return to Rome and unleash a web of intrigue, as once again they are seduced by the Eternal City.

Both are fighting to keep their families together – but neither suspects the forces at work behind the scenes as they enjoy their lost weekend in Rome and return home to face unexpected consequences that threaten to tear their lives apart.



Please note: ROME AGAIN contains dark humour, scenes of a sexual nature and adult themes which some might find upsetting.

Download ROME AGAIN – FREE at Amazon Kindle or for £2.40.

Haven’t yet read ROME ALONE? Available for FREE download on Kindle Unlimited or for £2.40.

Buon viaggio!



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