Rome in spring

Spring has officially started in Rome as the clocks went forward one hour at the weekend. Romans are still huddled up in their winter clothes, however, despite the daytime temperatures being 17-20C.

Spanish Steps day
Spanish Steps and Trinita dei Monti church

At night the temperature drops and winter seems to return. This can only improve as April begins and Easter arrives. Currently Easter displays are in full swing in the Eternal City – Babington’s window is decked out with Easter eggs and bunnies and sherbet colours are in every shop window:  this season, we will mainly be wearing sugar pink, lemon and spring green.

Babingtons Tea Shop decked out with Easter treats

Easter is a major celebration in Rome – the city is packed and the main focus is St Peter’s. If you have not visited at Easter, it is an experience and the mood is not only pious but buoyant and uplifting and a family time. 

Lent and Easter are important periods in the Roman Catholic calendar – priests wear purple to denote the waiting period before the Crucifixion and Easter

Rome is also busy with tourists at the moment – Sundays are the busiest day because tour parties arrive and locals throng the streets and shops.  At night-time, the city is quieter, but there are still plenty of bars and cafes to visit – and the major sights are illuminated, so wandering around before or after supper is an event in itself.

Trevi at Night
Trevi Fountain – Rome is as exciting by night as by day

At any time of the day, you will need to wear comfortable shoes in Rome, as the cobbled streets are merciless and the amount of walking opportunities endless. Any explorer’s instinct in you will come to the fore once you leave your hotel, as there is so much to see and walking the city is the best way of getting to know it. Every street holds a surprise – an undiscovered building, historical site or even a fascinating shop or workshop.

Bookstall cafe
Biblio Bar by the Ponte Umberto, near Castel Sant Angelo, is a peaceful cafe that looks like an antiquarian bookstore,  with customers of the feathered variety popping into the pretty gardens surrounding it


Medici Villa Borghese Gardens
Medici Villa in the Borghese Gardens houses a major museum and art collection – book in advance and stroll through the expansive gardens and parkland, where there are plenty of cafes to sit in the sunshine

One question you might ask is about the weather: does it rain in Rome? At this time of the year, yes it does. But standing in the pouring rain on the Spanish Steps is not such a bad experience – pack a raincoat and a brolly and enjoy!

Spanish Steps
Spanish Steps on a Spring evening
Spanish Steps rain
Spanish Steps in the rain

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Buon viaggio!


Featured image: Palatino from Circus Maximus

All images © Angela Meredith 2017




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