Let Rome in Tiber melt – the Eternal City gets a beach for 2018!

Rome’s Mayor Virginia Razzi has sent Romans and tourists reaching for their Speedos with the news in December that in 2018, the Eternal City will be getting its own 10,000sqm of beach to relax on.

The beach will be situated at Ponte Marconi in the Ostiense area of the city – the bridge is a modern construction started in 1937 and finished in 1953 after WWII interrupted building work.

There are already several beaches near the Italian capital, including Anzio at Lazio, as well as Sperlonga, which is a must-visit for history buffs because of the archeological museum built on the site of an ancient grotto devoted to Emperor Tiberius.

The River Tiber was not named after Tiberius, however – but after the king of Alba Longa, Tiberinus, who drowned in it. Before it was re-named the Tiberis, it was known as the Albulula because of its white colour, presumably caused by the foaming waters. These days it is less  pristine – but is still used for rowing and boating.

Mayor Razzi’s plans include monitoring water quality of the river around Ponte Marconi – and also employing drones to make sure refuse is not dumped in the Tiber, adding to pollution.

The river has always been the lifeblood of Rome – and often used to burst its banks before it was contained between the high walls that now protect the city. The Romans were the first to link the Tiber to a sewerage system to serve the city – and at one time, luxurious homes and extravagant gardens lined the banks, which supplied ancient Rome with fruit and vegetables.

These days, many of the important sites in Rome are dotted along the river, including the Vatican City and Castel Sant’ Angelo, nearby. The law courts also overlook the river, just in case the verdict is really bad!

Castel Sant’ Angelo

It was also rumoured that the artist Caravaggio used bodies dragged from the river at night as models when he was painting in Rome from 1592-1600. It is just a rumour, although it has been remarked that some of his models look suspiciously pasty and bloated.

What is certain, however, is that in 2018, Rome will have its very own beach – so get your Speedos ready if you are visiting the Eternal City this summer – and don’t forget the Factor 50.

As Mark Antony said, according to Shakespeare, “Let Rome in Tiber melt…”

A beach in Rome is probably going to be that hot, especially with you on it!

Buon viaggio!




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Featured image: River Tiber at Ponte Palatino

All images copyright A. Meredith

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