ROME ALONE and ROME AGAIN are the first two books in the ROME ALONE series

Set off to the Eternal City for a weekend of surprises in ROME ALONE, as unhappy housewife Bee and newly-divorced Alzheimer’s expert Dr Neil McCarthy leave from opposite ends of the country for an autumn mini-break full of the unexpected that will change their lives forever as they make their way round the ancient sites.



Return to Rome with them three years later in ROME AGAIN and discover the forces at work which they never suspected on their first trip.



All books contain adult themes, dark humour and sexual content.


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Coming later in 2019


ROME AT LAST continues the story as Bee adjusts to the new circumstances in her life and finds perfect love is not alway what it is cracked up to be; while Moira discovers that despite perfect love, the world offers her more opportunities than she ever imagined.


Meanwhile Alzheimer’s researcher Neil McCarthy finds an old associate needs his help – and Special Agent Edward Fenshall sets off with his partner Karl O’Rourke in pursuit of a dangerous Romanian criminal, in the hope it will lead them to a crime baron who is missing, presumed dead.

Will all roads eventually lead to Rome – or will fate intervene and change the course of everyone’s lives?


About the author

Angela Meredith is a freelance journalist and content writer. She is a former winner of the Verity Bargate Award for new playwrights and a BBC-commissioned screenwriter.  Her work has received rehearsed readings at Soho Theatre and Unity Theatre, Liverpool. Her first novel ROME ALONE was short-listed for the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook’s New Novel Centenary Award.


She is a frequent flyer to Amsterdam and Italy,  both of which have been the main inspiration for her writing to date.  She likes to travel solo, explore new places and get to the beating heart of destinations.

Her novels combine crime, history and romance. ROME ALONE was originally written as a holiday read, as she wanted to find a novel long enough to last for an entire holiday, so decided to write one during a trip to Rome. She began writing ROME ALONE in 2005 but did not publish it until 2015!

ROME AGAIN, VERONA ALONE and VERONA AGAIN were written and published in 2015-2016, 2017 and 2018.

In 2019, ROME AT LAST and VERONA AT LAST will be published. They are the final novels in the series.




Angela always completes the sequel before finishing a novel – the final book in the series VERONA AT LAST is already complete and the prequel ROME AT LAST is now underway. She researches her work meticulously and enjoys the challenge of creating characters and plots that span several decades and novels.

Her own interests always inform her writing. She enjoys Ancient History and World War II history and is also fascinated by crime – but in a good way.

Her hobbies and interests are music, history and genealogy – her own personal genealogical research pre-dates 4000BC. She has Italian ancestry dating back to the Roman era, including ancestors in both Rome and Verona; and also has Romany gypsy forebears slightly closer to home!

She draws on all the influences in her life to shape her plots and create well-rounded characters who have longevity.


She began her literary crime career reading Agatha Christie as a youngster and also enjoyed Balzac, AN Wilson, contemporary writers such as Suzanne Berne and WB Yeats. She enjoys reading factual books and her TV viewing includes news, documentaries and crime drama.


As a journalist, she covers a wide portfolio, including legal content and news, healthcare news and travel content. She has written for leading publishers, including Northcliffe Media and Pharmacy Business – and enjoys interviewing and writing reviews, features and news. She has also written online content for a wide range of digital publishers, including law firms, B2B and health websites. She is a member of the National Union of Journalists.


Angela has at various times studied Literature, History of Art, Drama, and Media Studies (Journalism), including a Master’s degree.


Angela won her first serious writing award at the age of 16 when she was a winner in the Penguin Young Poets Awards. She is a previous winner of the Verity Bargate Award for new playwrights – her play PAVAN FOR A DEAD PRINCESS was commissioned as a screenplay by BBC TV. ROME ALONE was one of 100 winners of the Writers’ and Artists’ Guild’s New Novel Centenary Award. She was also shortlisted for RED Magazine’s Travel Award with her guide 48 Hours in Rome and a guide to visiting Egypt, a place she has visited often.

AM Rome 2015 sized
This road led to Rome!

Shout out

All authors need encouragement and I would just like to take the opportunity to thank a few people who have turned out to be more supportive of my work than I ever imagined.  So for HJW and SW, as well as MM, thanks for taking the time – your input into my literary life has been both an unexpected and extraordinary experience! Keep reading – it is hard to be original in a crowded market and there are no shortcuts.

Buon viaggio tutti!


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