Richborough Fort in Kent to be excavated

Currently we cannot go to Italy to get our fix of Roman ruins, but English Heritage has announced that it is planning to excavate Richborough Fort in Kent, to try and discover more about its history and use, including when it was built.

Richborough Fort, Kent, UK (Image by Midnightblueowl, Wikipedia)

The site  is one of the most important Roman settlements in Britain and hosts the remains an impressive amphitheatre, which is now little more than a grassy mound.  However, archaeologists suspect that they will be able to reveal plenty of evidence about the Roman settlement – and might even discover what happened after the Romans abandoned it.

Cellar of the mansio (Image by John Mavin, Wikipedia)

Discover more about visiting Richborough Fort for yourself  at English Heritage

Opening hours and ticket information are available online

Schools can organise a trip online

Ruins of Richborough (Image ChaseKiwi, Wikipedia)


Read The Guardian interview with English Heritage’s senior properties historian Paul Pattison online

Read more about Richborough Fort at Wikipedia

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