Pompeii Snack Bar to re-open in 2021

The Pompeii Archeological Park has announced that an ancient snack bar unearthed at Pompeii will go on show from Easter 2021.

Archaeologists unearthed the thermopolium – a fast food snack bar serving hot food – in March 2019.

The food counter is situated at the corner of the Alley of the Balconies and Alley of the Silver Wedding at the Regio V site in Pompeii.

A report by the Italian new agency ANSA reveals that the food counter is in good condition and has well-preserved colourful frescoes of animals and birds, including geese, a dog and  a rooster. 

Bruschetta – bread, tomatoes, garlic, pesto or olive oil and herbs (Image Pixabay)

There are also the remains of dishes that might have been served at the Roman fast-food outlet, including a takeaway dish similar to paella, containing ‘mammals, birds, fish and snails’, says the ANSA report.

Pompeii was destroyed during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. archaeologists have also uncovered the skeletons of two males and a dog, who were buried by the pyroclastic flow from the volcano. 

Pompeii victim under the restoration (Image Creative commons Licence)

What we now know as tavola calde in Italy – a hot buffet – was known in Ancient Rome, indicating that fast-food existed long before Ronald McDonald entered our lives.  Around 80 thermopilia have so far been discovered by archaeologists.

Tavola Calda, Via del Corso, Rome

Thermopolia were used by workers – and even those who did not have a kitchen in their homes. 

The newly uncovered takeaway excavation in Pompeii has also revealed earthenware pots and a marble floor that no doubt would have been kept spotlessly clean during food preparation and serving.  

Meat, fish and spices in the cooking pot (Image Pixabay)

You can learn more about the different sites to visit at Pompeii at Pompeiisites.org

Watch a video of the newly uncovered site at CBS News

Buon viaggio e buon appetito!

Featured image Pixabay

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